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Kre-O Transformers Starscream

Kre-O Transformers

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Product Features and Specifications of Kre-O Transformers Starscream

  • It has 316 bricks
  • Its dimensions are 2.2 x 16.5 x 10.5 inches
  • It weighs 1.9 pounds
  • The recommended age is from 8 – 14 years of age
  • Kre-O Transformers Starscream is compatible with Lego
  • 2 KREON mini figures
  • 2 in 1 Kre-O Construction set can be build in either robot mode or fighter jet mode
  • In vehicle mode, the Kreons can ride inside
  • Product does not convert

This Kre-O Transformers Starscream one of the Transformers 3 Toys was released to coincide with the new movie Transformers Dark of the Moon released July, 2011

Using your Instruction Book build your Kre-O Transformers Starscream

Using the 316 Kre-O blocks construct the Transformers character Starscream who is the worst of the bad guys.

Included with this set is a 74 page instruction book with no written directions. This instruction book has all the color coded blocks pictured with directions which are easy to follow as your child builds each layer into a 12-inch-tall robot figure an intimidating character with hand held removeable rockets and turbo thrusters to destroy anyone in the way or into a 13-inch-long jet fighter with retractable wheels to pretend you are taking off on a runway.

In the fighter jet mode the 2 Kreon figures can ride inside a cockpit that can be opened.


What’s In the Box?



The Kre-O Transformers Starscream set includes:

      • 316 KRE-O pieces
      • Removable rockets
      • Turbo thrusters
      • Retractable wheels
      • Cockpit seats
      • 2 KREON mini figures (STARSCREAM and Pilot)













Kre-O Transformers Starscream Kreons Starscream and Pilot

What people who bought Kre-O Transformers are saying about it

These reviews are all from people who have bought this from Amazon. It has been given a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating.

  • A 10 year old kid who gave it an A +++++++ rating had this to say about the toy: He thought the toy was really cool and liked putting it together because he thought it was the best challenge he had faced so far. “It is awesome”
  • Lawrence Svetlana of USA was of the opinion that the greatest thing about this toy is that you can let a child who doesn’t put small things in their mouth play with this toy and they can play with it, drop it, and it doesn’t fall apart. If you are really fast all you need is and hour and a half to put it together (for an adult) The pieces of high quality and once put together the pieces are difficult to pull apart therefore a child can play with it and have fun without you being worried that it will come to pieces. All in all he said it was an excellent product.
  • Another 30+ year old reviewer had this to say about Kre-O transformers Starscream and that is he loved Transformers as a boy and still loves them dearly. When he compared it with the original transformers he said the color and head is very similar to the Starscreamo f the 80’s cartoons but the body design is closer to the style of the newer starscream in the movie. He goes on to say that the Kre-O blocks are of better quality than Lego blocks. As an adult it took him 2 hours to put it together. This toy will fascinate any child who loves Transformers.
  • J.Schneider thinks it is “Fun – clever and nice that it can build two different things. He also goes onto say that he gives it high educational marks.
  • Helen S. Lam says her son loves Transformers and Lego so this is the best of both worlds for him. She compared the quality of the pieces and the instructions with Lego and says it is on par with Lego.
  • Shala Kerrigan says that her Kre-O transformers Starscream set had a flaw in that one of the blocks wasn’t the right color but not noticeable in the finished project. Shala says “I’d recommend this for kids with patience or adult and teen fans of Transformers”.
  • Many reviewers were of the opinion that the pieces were very small and were easy to lose or swallowed by very small kids.
  • Tante Maren says that it is a “GREAT Construction Set And KRE-O’s Are Just Like Legos” and goes on to say that the Kre-O blocks are just like Lego in that they are both great building blocks for the mind.

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